Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Say goodbye to Balthazar...

So yesterday Me, Michelle and our friend, Elizabeth from Santa Rosa were driving home after checking out the Governor's Mansion here in downtown Sacramento and out of no where a big red car runs a red light and mashes into our one year old car; it's in our opinion totalled.

All of us feel like we were on the losing side of a bar fight but we're alive. Elizabeth claims that she was beat up by several bunnies (she may have sustained a trauma to the head, but the jury is still out on that) and she is alright but has lots of aches and pains. We're all needing to see our doctors to get further diagnosis to make sure we don't have anything broken. The ER cleared us and said that we have no life threatening injuries.

Not much to say about the car... the front end is messed up royally and the airbags deployed. Michelle got hit by the airbag on her arms and I got hit in my face. Being hit by an airbag feels like being socked in the face.


Elizabeth Vestnys said...

I was there :) It was nuts. I just thank God we are all alive and doing as good as we are. I love Nick and Michelle!! I will come back anytime...and we will have to chase down those evil bunnies. :P

Love Lil'bit :)

Taylor said...

Wow ... that suxors. Well, on the upside ... time to go car shopping! How're you guys doing, aside from the obvious here?



Wow! That's intense. I'm glad you guys are OK!!! PTL. Did you know that I am a claims adjuster for Mercury Insurance? That's what I do all day...work on auto accident claims. If you need any help, call me!